How it works?
  • Tell us where you wish to work
  • Do you wish to work around the airport, or maybe focus on your local town? Just tell us and we’ll match the rides for you.
  • Let us know about your unique services
  • Are you driving an executive car, or maybe a can that’s wheelchair accessible? Can you provide a child seat or drive pets? This is your chance to stand out from the crowd by promoting your special services.
  • We advertise for you
  • This is how we get our customers. There is no magic here. Our advertising campaign targets millions each month! This is how we get our leads, and we will foward these to you.
  • Each relevant lead will be sent immediately to you
  • Each relevant lead will be sent immediately to you by text message or email. It’s also available on your personal website, accessible through a mobile device.
  • You price the ride
  • Now it’s up to you. You price the ride. If you wish you can set a time limit or place several offers, such as a full price for late booking and a promotional price for early birds.
  • If the customer is happy, you get the job
  • We send you both all the ride details. You will get his contact details, exact location and all the relevant information of the ride, so if there is any change you can discuss it with him.
  • At the end of the ride, the customer will pay you directly
  • We do not charge the customer for the ride. He pays you directly the full agreed price.
Working areas
  • What is a working area?
  • A working area is basically where you wish to pick-up or drop off customers. It includes a centre point (could be a postcode or address) and a radius around it, usually of 5 miles.
  • Can I set more than one working area?
  • Yes of course. You can set up many working areas, for example if you wish to get jobs to or from Heathrow, set Heathrow airport as your working area. If you wish to work locally in your town, set this as your working area.
  • Can I update my working areas?
  • Yes of course, at any point, login to your account and you will find it there. You can add, remove or edit your working areas.
Special services
  • What are special services?
  • Special services are services that you provide. Those could be an executive car, wheelchair accessible car, child seat etc.
  • How do you use those special services?
  • We match the customer’s request to your special services so if for example a customer had asked for an executive car we will only send this ride details to a driver who can offer such a service.
  • How do I register my special services?
  • During your registration you will be asked to mark the special services you can provide.
  • Can I update my services?
  • Yes of course, at any time you can login to your account and update your services.
  • What if my special service is not available?
  • No problem, email us and we’ll consider adding it
Ride requests and offers
  • What are ride requests?
  • Ride requests are requests for rides that customers have placed on our website. We match those requests with tour working area and your special services and if there is a match we will send you the ride requests information
  • How do you send me the ride requests information?
  • We will send you any new ride requests to your email address. If you are always on the go and prefer to use text messaging, we can send you the information by text message.
    Please notice there is a charge for every message we sent you. Also, at any time if you login to your account you will see all the current ride requests that match your profile and you can manage those there.
  • What do I do with ride requests?
  • You have to price the ride. If you’re using your computer just enter your price and hit the button. If you’re registered with our Text messaging service you can price it by replying to the message with the job number and your price for example texting back 1243 45 would mean you price job number 1243 with £45.
  • Can I limit my offer?
  • Yes of course, you can time limit your offer, you that on your account. Login to your account online and next to each offer you have an option to time limit it.
  • Can I place more than one offer?
  • Of course you can. You can place as many as you wish, for example you can place a promotional price for quick decision makers and your full price for as late as the time of the ride.
  • What do you do with my offers?
  • We send those to the customer. It’s up to him to accept your offer.
  • What type of information do you send or show to the customer?
  • We don’t send or show to the customer any of your personal details, at least not until he accepts your offer. We show him your price and 1-5 stars representing your past performance as it was rated by previous customers that have booked with you.
  • Can I cancel an offer?
  • As long as your offer hadn’t been accepted by the customer you can login to your account and cancel it.
  • Can I update my offers?
  • Yes of course, login to your account where you will be able to update any of your offers that hadn’t been accepted by the customer.
  • What happens when the customer accepts my offer?
  • Once the customer accepts any of your offers we will send you both the full contact details. Please use this information for any change or update you have just contact the customer directly
  • What happen to an offer that wasn’t accepted?
  • An offer that hadn’t been accepted will expire when the time limit you have set has reached or the time of the ride has reached. All your expired offers will be shown on your history page.
  • What happen if there are changes?
  • Once the booking was made both of you will be getting each other’s information. Please use this for any update you need to do as change time, location etc
Text messaging service
  • What is the text messaging service?
  • Text messaging service is an additional service for drivers who are always on the go and cannot reach their email account. It allows the driver to get ride requests information by text message straight to his mobile phone.
  • What else does this service give me?
  • By opt into this service you will be able to send us your price for every request we send you. You do that by replying to the request stating your price.
  • Is there a charge for such a service?
  • Text messaging is an additional service we offer for drivers on the go. Since we are charged for each message we sent you we have to charge you as well. The good news is that you will only be charged for messages we send you, for any offer you text us back there is no charge (at least not from us).
  • Should I opt in to this service?
  • Well it’s up to you, if you’re always on the go and text messaging is your preferred way to work than yes would be the answer. This would be the quickest way to respond to customers. If you have access to your email using either a computer or a smartphone than you probably don’t need that.
  • How do I opt on or out of the service?
  • You can opt in or out of this service at any time. Just login to your account and you’ll find it.
  • What are the charges of your services?
  • Please refer to our prices section for the updated charges. We charge a booking fee for any successful booking you made through us. For drivers who have opted for our Text messaging service a charge will be applied for every message sent to them. Please refer to our charges page for more information.
  • Do you also charge the customer?
  • No we don’t. The website is free of charge or customers. We don’t charge the customer anything not to use the website and not for the booking.
  • What happen if the ride is cancelled?
  • If the ride was cancelled before an offer was accepted there would be no charges. Once an offer was accepted no refund would be made to the booking fee even if the ride was cancelled. If you need to cancel the ride please contact the customer directly.
Top Up Accounts
  • How do Top Up accounts work?
  • You can get bookings within your credit, for each booking made through our system we will deduct our fees from your credit.
  • What happens with No Shows or Cancelled bookings?
  • Any fees will be credit back to you for any justifiable No Shows or bookings cancelled by the customer.
  • What happens when I run out of credit?
  • You will receive email notifying you when your account has low credit, you will be able to log-in and Top Up your account. If you fail to do so your account may be disabled until you have Topped it up again.
  • Is there a minimum Top Up?
  • Please refer to our Prices page, there is an initial Top Up credit but after that you can manage your own credit.
  • How do you invoice me?
  • We will send you an invoice at the end of each month and payment will be charged from the card you have registered, this will obviously Top Up your account.
  • What about un-used credit?
  • Un used credit will not be refunded.
  • Does the customer pay you for the ride?
  • No. The customer will pay you the driver directly for the ride the full amount as in the accepted offer. We don’t take any deposit from the customer.
After the ride
  • What happens after the ride?
  • We aim to improve our services to both you and the customer therefor we will ask the customer to rate your service. This will be on a scale of 1-5 where 1 being not good and 5 meaning excellent service.
  • What is this rating based on?
  • We will ask the customer to rate the general impression of the overall service he received from you based on things like arriving on time, politeness, your drive, cleanliness of your car etc.
  • What do you do with this rating information?
  • Your average rating will be shown to any customer on any offer you will place in the future and will help you to promote yourself.

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