Review your History data

Information about your history bookings, quotes and prices

History tab

This section shows the status of all jobs which initially appeared on the ‘Open Rides’ tab but has now either been: ‘Completed, ‘Cancelled’, ‘Expired’ or ‘Lost’.  
Click on the ‘plus sign’ to the left of a job number to expand job details of that particular job.  
The statuses in this section may show as, ‘Lost’, ‘Completed’ ‘Cancelled’ or Expired as explained below:  

Cancelled: The customer cancelled the ride request.  
Completed: The customer accepted the quote, booking was confirmed and journey completed.  
Expired: The customer did not respond to the quote and the time of the ride has now expired/elapsed.  
Lost: The customer accepted another quote.  

You can also choose to sort the list perhaps for easier viewing by clicking on either the ‘Ride’, ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Date’, or ‘Status’ and you can only use one of these categories at a time, so for instance you can either sort the list by ‘Date’ or by ‘Ride’ only and so on.  

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