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Information about your public profile, how to use this service to promote your services to our customers

Public Profile tab


Use the ‘Public Profile’ page to update your Profile picture and to give your company a boost by including information about your company and the special services you can offer. You can also add information about the areas you cover (as shown in your home area, if applicable). For each quote to potential customers, information from this page would be shown to them, to help boost your business with Cabmania. This page is also indexed by Google, so any information that is added in here including your website URL would help you rank up higher on Google searches.

Changing your profile picture

You can change your profile picture at anytime by moving the mouse cursor into the profile picture box and clicking on ‘Change picture’. 1) Select a picture to upload by clicking the browse button. 2) Locate and select the picture file required 3) Click ‘save and close’.

Previewing your personal page

This section also allows for you to include a short message of between 9 – 12 words, which would not only appear next to your quotes but would also be visible to customers. Preview the page, by clicking on ‘Preview’, to see what it would look like to the general public and potential customers (it opens up in a new window).

Publishing your personal page

Finally, you can decide to preview and then publish your personal page by clicking and putting a tick in the check box above your profile picture to allow potential customers and public viewing or you can leave the box unchecked so that this page is only visible to you when you log in.


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