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Scotland is in north-west Europe and is part of Great Britain, an island country ( See map ) and the United Kingdom (UK) . Scotland is a mountainous country in the north of the island of Great Britain and shares a land border to the south with England and is bounded by the North Sea on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. Its capital city is Edinburgh. Scotland has some 790 islands - 130 inhabited. Scotland is Famous for its fresh water lochs (lakes) – there are over 600 square miles of them. One of the most famous is Loch Ness where a mysterious monster is said to lurk in the depths of the water. It is also famous for its clans, kilts, medieval castles, as well as poetry and songs of Robert Burns. Theatre lovers from around the world come to Edinburgh for its famous theatres festival. The Civic Government (Scotland) Act, 1982 requires that all taxi and private hire cars, plus the drivers, be licenced and that all vehicles are inspected. Applicants for a Taxi Driver's Licence must: be at least 21 years of age have held a current UK Driving Licence for at least 1 year first sit and pass the Topographical Test